All about hair!


Hello,and welcome to the hair’s world,the blog who shows everything about your best accessory…your hair .


Here you will find tutorials, tips, tricks and beauty advice to help you to love your hair. I will try to post hair news daily to bring you hair inspiration and ways to have fun with your hair.

We all have to love our hair,to learn how to keep it healty and beautiful after color treatments ,to find the perfect haircut for us.If you don’t love your hair,you have to find the right hairdresser to take care of your hair,to find the perfect haircut or haircolor for you.The right hairdresser can help you to fall in love with your hair.
I believe your hair is your best accessory. You wear your hair every day, and you should have fun with ,because the hair is the only accessory wich is never missing from your outfit.

The secret to good hair is a great haircut. It will save your time each morning as it will be easy to style and suit your lifestyle.

Hair it’s my biggest passion,that’s why i create this blog,to talk and shows my secrets about hair.
If you want to know something about hair,colors,treatments or hairstyles,leave a mail or a comment and i will try to talk about .

Love your hair and you’ll never have a bad hair day again,
With love for hair,Alexandra Boitor